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Radiant Barrier Roof Decking - Do It Yourself and Save

SUMMARY: Radiant barrier roof decking can be made yourself for less by stapling ourXtreme radiant barrier insulation to one side of any 7/16" decking material. During a new roof or roof decking replacement, this cost effective solution pays for itself quicker than traditional manufactured radiant barrier decking.

What is Radiant Barrier Plywood

Many building supply companies offer a radiant barrier roof decking product which makes installation quick and easy during new construction and roof replacements.

Radiant barrier Plywood is a either plywood or an OSB (oriented strand board) with a sheet of radiant barrier made of aluminum or metalized poly laminated to one side. These decking boards are installed with the foil side facing down into the attic space. Felt and shingles are then applied over the top of the roof decking as usual.

These radiant barrier composite decking products are used along with attic insulation on the attic floor as part of an overall energy efficiency plan for a home.

Benefits of a Radiant Barrier Roof Decking

Radiant barrier OSB (like LP Techshield) helps homeowners lower energy costs. This reflective decking roofing material:

  • reduces radiant heat transfer through a roof by up to 95%,
  • reduces attic temperatures in the summer and hot climates by up to 30 degrees F by blocking heat radiating from the sun,
  • helps hold heat inside during winter months,
  • increases the comfort level in a home,
  • increases the life span of heating and air conditioning systems, and
  • lowers monthly utility costs.

It's much easier for construction and roofing companies to install a radiant barrier decking material because it combines two installation steps into one and reduces additional labor costs:

  1. installation of an individual sheet radiant barrier and then,
  2. installation of the roof decking.

However, these laminated radiant barrier roof sheathing products are very expensive.

We offer a simple alternative to expensive radiant barrier sheathing products - DIY with our heavy-duty Xtreme radiant barrier.

Our RadiantGUARD® Xtreme 48-inch width radiant barrier can easily be stapled to a sheet of decking material before being installed as roof decking.

radiant barrier

Xtreme® radiant barrier 1,000 sf (breathable)

radiant barrier plywood

radiant barrier sheathing

With our Xtreme radiant barrier, you'll create a radiant barrier roof decking that is:

  • Puncture and Tear Resistant - Many radiant barrier plywood manufacturers use a lightweight radiant barrier which can easily tear during transportation or while stored at a construction site. Our Xtreme is extremally durable and nearly impossible to tear with hands yet easily cut with utility scissors.
  • Breathable - Some radiant barrier sheathing manufacturers have had issues with the glue used during the lamination process "sealing" up the perforations designed to allow moisture vapor to pass through. If the roof decking isn't truly breathable, moisture can be trapped which could result in mold and other damage to insulation and wood structures. Stapling our breathable Xtreme radiant barrier to the decking material creates a truly breathable solution which prevents moisture buildup.
  • Less Costly- Applying our Xtreme breathable sheet radiant barrier to OSB plywood decking yourself is almost 1/5 the cost of laminated radiant barrier decking products.

If you're in the market for a new roof OR roof decking replacement, encourage your roofing company to purchase our Xtreme radiant barrier and staple it directly to the decking material of their choice. This less expensive solution gives you a cooler attic and year long energy savings.

Reduce attic temperature by up to 30 degrees and start saving today with RadiantGUARD® - the best selling brand radiant barrier.