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What is Reflective Insulation

RadiantGUARD® reflective insulation products consist of one or two layers of industrialized polyethylene bubble film laminated between one or two layers of highly reflective metalized aluminum film to provide extreme resistance to heat transfer. The bubble layers are designed to provide increased strength and puncture resistance, to aide in the reduction of condensation when used in metal buildings, pole barns, and agricultural facilities, and to resist conductive heat transfer through the insulation.

Used in conjunction with an airspace, our reflective insulation will block 96% of radiant heat as opposed to mass insulations like fiberglass, cellulose and foam which merely absorb and slow down the transfer of conductive heat.

Reflective bubble insulation is ideal for crawl spaces, radiant floor heating, and basic floor heat retention applications as well as for insulating pole barns, post frame, and metal and steel buildings.

WHITE reflective bubble insulation is designed for applications where non-cured concrete will come in contact with the insulation (heated floor slab installations) or metal building installations where an aesthetic indoor look is desired.

NOTE:  Always place WHITE side towards any non-cured cement mixtures.  Foil side will corrode if it comes in contact with non-cured cement.

Reflective Insulation Applications

  • Commercial and residential buildings
  • Metal buildings and pole barns
  • Insulation for food and drug shipping
  • Automotive/transportation
  • Airplane Hangers