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Ultima-FOIL® radiant barrier 1,000 sf (breathable)


This product has been discontinued and replaced with our industrialized heavy-duty Xtreme® radiant barrier.

RadiantGUARD Ultima-FOIL®:

  • is double-sided approximately 6.5 mils in thickness (6.5 thousandths of an inch / .0065 inches),
  • is a Class A / Class 1 fire rated building product,
  • reflects (blocks) 97% of the radiant heat that strikes its surface across an air space,
  • is industrialized-strength lightweight yet durable designed to hold staples without tearing,
  • is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, fiber-free, and does not require protective clothing or respirators to install,
  • is easy to install and maintenance free,
  • is not affected by moisture or humidity,
  • is proud to be covered by a 10 year warranty,
  • and lowers heating and cooling costs year round.

Learn more about the differences between aluminum foil vs metalized radiant barriers.

radiant barrier installed under attic rafters

Installing in an attic space

Radiant barriers are most commonly installed in an attic space stapled to the underside of the roof rafters or directly to the underside of the roof decking.

While they can be installed over the attic floor, care must be taken to make sure the attic space has adequate air flow to avoid condensation build up under the radiant barrier on the floor.

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