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Radiant Barrier - Xtreme® 1000 sf (breathable)


ASTM certified heavy-duty radiant barrier insulation that reflects (blocks) 95% of the radiant heat.  Roll is 4 feet wide, 250 linear feet long and covers 1,000 square feet.

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Xtreme® reflective attic insulation barrier:

  • is double-sided approximately 6.5 mils in thickness (6.5 thousandths of an inch / .0065 inches),
  • is a Class A / Class 1 fire rated building product,
  • reflects (blocks) 95% of the radiant heat that strikes its surface across an air space,
  • industrialized-strength lightweight and durable design holds staples without tearing,
  • is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, fiber-free, and does not require protective clothing or respirators to install,
  • is easy to install and maintenance free,
  • is not affected by moisture or humidity,
  • and lowers heating and cooling costs year round.

Technical Datasheet

Radiant barriers are not created equally. Today’s marketplace offers many different manufacturers with a wide variety of quality.

Based on knowledge gained from 15+ years in the reflective insulation marketplace, we’ve designed all our reflective products using the highest quality raw materials, manufacturing processes, and lamination machinery available in order to exceed ASTM testing requirements for performance and safety.

radiant barrier installed under attic rafters

Installing in an attic space

Radiant barrier insulation is often installed in attics, either stapled to the roof rafters or directly to the roof decking. The temperature in the attic can be reduced by up to 30 degrees in summer months when enclosing it with an attic foil.

We don't recommend installing radiant barriers over the attic floor. If you must, make sure there is sufficient air flow in the attic. This will help prevent condensation from forming under the radiant barrier on the attic floor. Also, over time, dust accumulation can decrease the effectiveness of a radiant barrier placed on the attic floor.

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