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Foil Insulation Increases R-Values & Lowers Bills

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Many consumers are familiar with them term R-Value and how it relates to the effectiveness of a conventional attic insulation product.  While foil insulation doesn't have an R-Value (you can read more about radiant barrier r-values here), it does INCREASE the performance R-Value of your existing R-Value rated insulation.

Foil Insulation Increases R-Values

foil insulation in atticA highly-valued study performed by the Tennessee Value Authority for the Department of Energy found that a foil insulation used in conjunction with R-Value rated insulation actually produces results that equate to the use of higher R-Value rated insulation.  The study identified:

  • a foil insulation combined with an R-11 attic insulation produced the same results as an R-19 attic insulation without a radiant barrier, and
  • a when combined with an R-19 attic insulation, the use of the foil insulation produced the same results as an R-30 attic insulation used alone.

An additional study performed by energy specialist Philip Fairey of the Florida Solar Energy Center at Cape Canaveral, FL actually found that a foil insulation combined with an R-19 attic insulation resulted in LESS annual energy consumption than an R-30 attic insulation used alone.

Foil Insulation Lowers Monthly Utility Bills

By using a foil insulation in your attic in the summer, you improve the efficiency of your existing insulation which in turn, lowers the amount of heat transferred into your livings spaces below and results in lower usage of your air conditioning unit.  This makes your home more comfortable all while using less energy resulting in lower utility bills.  And even in the winter, a foil insulation stills makes your existing attic insulation more effective by keeping heat generated in your home from escaping out your attic and roof. Heating a home in the winter time can be costly so keeping that heat from escaping is crucial to keep your heating costs down. Foil insulation is the year-round answer to lowering your monthly energy consumption.

** For more information about radiant barrier foil insulation and how it works, see our What Is Radiant Barrier page on our website. **