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Reflex-AIR PRO® FOAM Double Bubble Insulation

Reflex-AIR® PRO FOAM insulation is our highest quality HEAVY DUTY reflective insulation product with a foam core center that serves as a radiant barrier, thermal insulation, AND vapor barrier ALL-IN-ONE.

Made for applications where the best quality matters, Reflex-AIR PRO® FOAM is manufactured with the highest-grade raw materials and machinery available. In addition, we use more raw materials than the majority of products on the market. Heavier-weight, our Reflex-AIR PRO® FOAM products weigh 15-20% more than standard products making them the highest quality foam bubble products available.

If you're looking for the best quality reflective insulation, look no further.

Manufactured with two layers of industrialized encapsulated air bubbles, a 3mm or 5mm foam center and available in both FOIL / FOIL and WHITE / FOIL versions, our Reflex-AIR PRO® FOAM double bubble insulations are VERY RIGID and provide an air barrier to block water vapor transmission, reduce moisture condensation, and provide an assembly R-Value when needed.  Additional benefits include sound deadening.

Reflex-AIR® PRO Benefits:

  • Energy Efficient - reflects (blocks) 95% of the radiant heat reducing heat gain and loss year round. Not affected by moisture or humidity. Reduces condensation.
  • Durable - extremely rigid / firm, puncture and tear resistant - not basic bubble wrap material.  Coated to prevent oxidation and UV degradation.
  • Easy to Install - industrialized-strength yet lightweight, installs will scissors and a staple gun, does not require protective clothing or respirators, and is maintenance free once installed.
  • Safe - non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, fiber-free, does not support the growth of mold or mildew, does not provide a growth medium or nutritive value for fungus, insects or rodents, blocks the transfer of methane, radon, and other gases, and is Class A / Class 1 fire rated (the highest and safest fire rating for building products).


Reflex-AIR® PRO FOAM White JUMBO DOUBLE Bubble Reflective Insulation 48-inch (100 sf) Part #: RG-PRO-WJBFBR-48-25
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Reflex-AIR® PRO FOAM Rip-GUARD™ White DOUBLE Bubble Reflective Insulation 48-inch (200 sf) Part #: RG-PRO-WBFBR-48-50
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