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R-Values for double bubble insulation products vary based on the thickness of the overall product itself. Most double bubble insulation products have an average R-Value of 1. But you can achieve a much higher R-Value for your application by the addition of enclosed dead air spaces. However, double bubble insulation shines in applications where radiant heat transfer needs to be controlled and therefore, reflectivity is a much better indicator of a double bubble insulation products effectiveness than its R-Value.
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Many consumers are familiar with them term R-Value and how it relates to the effectiveness of a conventional attic insulation product.  While foil insulation doesn't have an R-Value (you can read more about radiant barrier r-values here), it doesINCREASE the performance R-Value of your existing R-Value rated insulation.

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We're often asked "What is the r-value of your RadiantGUARD radiant barrier?"  The answer is simply zero because radiant barrier doesn't work like an R-Value rated product.  So Exactly What Is An R-Value?

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Looking for a quick overview of the most important radiant barrier facts to separate fact from myth?  Below are the top radiant barrier facts to help get you started.