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RadiantGUARD Radiant Barrier vs Home Depot and Lowes

RadiantGUARD® radiant barrier products outperform Home Depot and Lowes.

radiant barrier home depot

It's no surprise that large retail chain stores like Home Depot and Lowes want to offer their customers a radiant barrier product. Radiant barriers have risen in popularity among Do-It-Yourself people and therefore, these retail stores want to capitalize market share and make radiant barrier an easily accessible commodity.

But how do the radiant barriers found in Home Depot and Lowes compare to our industrialized RadiantGUARD® radiant barriers? 

Most customers who've contacted us after purchasing a radiant barrier from a retail chain are first and foremost concerned about the quality.  The radiant barriers they've encountered from the brick and mortar stores are thin, flimsy, and easily torn; not at all what they expected considering the price they paid.

Our RadiantGUARD® radiant barriers are considered industrial-grade products because of thickness and durability specifically designed for rigorous construction environments.  We offer only the best radiant barrier products because we understand the needs of our customers.  And because we have lower overhead costs than a typical Home Depot or Lowes location, our prices are considerably lower for a much more durable and industrialized radiant barrier.

There's a reason why RadiantGUARD® radiant barriers are the #1 selling radiant barriers - quality and prices that can't be beat!