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Reflex-AIR® PRO FOAM White JUMBO DOUBLE Bubble Reflective Insulation 48-inch (100 sf)


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Our Reflex-AIR® PRO JUMBO double bubble insulation featuring a 5mm foam core center.

  • Achieves higher R-Values than standard bubble insulations (R-Value 10.0 and higher on vertical walls).
  • Provides sound deadening/noise reduction.
  • Fire retardant.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Roll is 4 feet wide and 25 linear feet long for a total of 100 square feet.        

  • RadiantGUARD® Reflex-AIR® PRO FOAM WHITE double bubble reflective insulation features a 5 mm foam core center making our PRO reflective insulation even more durable and rigid to make installations easier and prevent sagging. While still reflecting 95% of radiant heat, our foam products provide a higher R-Value, higher fire safety level, and the added benefit of sound deadening capabilities.


Reflex-AIR® PRO is manufactured in the US using the highest quality raw materials, manufacturing machinery, and workmanship in the marketplace allowing us to offer the industry leading LIFETIME warranty for all our Reflex-AIR® PRO products.